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Things to do in Ayrshire

Ayr is the largest town in Ayrshire, located along the south-west of Scotland’s coast borders. Situated by the Irish Sea the town has its own beach and has built amusements along the seafront for families, such as the Ayr Seafront Playpark for children for fair weather and Pirate Pete’s adventure play area. Pirate Pete’s has indoor soft play, lazer tag and a restaurant so this can be an ideal place for families when the weather is foul. Ayr not only has a beach but a coastal path too which looks over across the sea towards the Isle of Arran. The coastal path is 100 miles long, passing through Troon and Largs. The town features The Wallace Tower, the tower where William Wallace was held prisoner by the English. Wallace escaped by burning the original tower down; the one seen today is a rebuild.

Places of Interest in Dumfries
Dumfries is a town near the border between England and Scotland, about an hour away from Carlisle and two hours from The Lake District using the M6 and taking the A75. This road also leads along to the ferry ports by Stranraer, and to the A76 leading up to Ayr and takes on a lot of traffic over the day, particularly during work time rush hours.
Places of Interest in Wigtownshire
Wigtownshire is a quiet little place encompassing a town called Wigtown within Dumfries and Galloway, settled nicely by the sea with beaches for visitation and plenty of countryside walks for visitors to be close to nature.
Places of Interest in Stranraer
In Wigtownshire, one of the many towns is named Stranraer, and it is found along the coastline of the sea and sports a view of the ocean, and its own harbour and railway station. Nearby are two ports for ferries leading over to Northern Ireland. With activity going on daily there is a trove of things to see for visitors and residents of the area.
Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)
A contractor must register with HMRC for the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) if they pay money to subcontractors for their construction services. Through the scheme, the contractor pays over a 20% of the labour charged by the subcontractor to HMRC, who retain this and use it against the subcontractor’s tax liabilities. This tax is reported to and paid to HMRC in a similar way to PAYE tax.

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