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Places of Interest in Wigtownshire

Posted 09/09/2019

Wigtownshire is a quiet little place encompassing a town called Wigtown within Dumfries and Galloway, settled nicely by the sea with beaches for visitation and plenty of countryside walks for visitors to be close to nature.

The town of Wigtown is known as Scotland’s book town, and indeed there are plenty of bookstores found mostly around the town’s square. Many of the bookstores are floor to ceiling packed with books of varying non-fiction subjects and fictional novels and even some interesting old pieces. With cafes found in between bookstores, and even a couple of bookstore-cafes, there are options for a small lunch stop between the shopping experience. Along the path, towards the harbour car park, leads you to a view of the hills and the sea before reaching the Wigtown Martyer’s Monument. The monument includes information of a tale of two girls from older time and religion. Another walk close to nature is the Crook of Baldoon. The area is owned by the RSPB who offer tours here in their reserve, and during the warmer months of Spring and Summer a variety of birds can be seen along this way.

Along George Street lies the museum Whithorn Cradle of Christianity; this old church is said to be the first church to be established in Scotland for Christianity. Whithorn itself has an important history with Christianity, becoming a developed centre for Christians as the religion grew and evolved.

Torhouse Stone Circle has parking nearby so there is no need to leave any vehicles around Wigtown’s centre. This is a far quieter stone circle when compared to Stonehenge but the benefit of a walk among the wildlife remains and the circle is only around ten minutes from Wigtown.

Near by Wigtown is a town called Bladnoch, which is known for hosting the Wigtown Show on the first Wednesday of every August. A redecorated and updated distillery, aptly named Bladnoch Distillery, has reopened to the public to offer tours of the process on making whiskey.

Carsluith Castle is along the A75 but close to Wigtown. The tower house (not a castle as the name suggests) is in ruins but the steps can still be climbed to view the surrounding area from a height – the Wigtown Bay is viewable from up there. The café next door is a smokehouse so anything as small from a cup of tea to a meal can be ordered during the stay. Along the Wigtown Bay can be found Garlieston Beach within the grounds of Galloway House, which itself is closed to the public. Close by is Cruggleton Bay, Cruggleton Cliffs and Cruggleton Castle ruins which are free for the public to walk along and explore.

To see more wildlife while in Wigtown visit Monreith Animal Park located about 11 miles out of the town. They have chances to handle their rodent residents, are home to many cute types of creatures such as alpacas and otters, and feature aviary birds and owls.

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