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Things to do in Ayrshire

Posted 10/09/2019

Ayr is the largest town in Ayrshire, located along the south-west of Scotland’s coast borders. Situated by the Irish Sea the town has its own beach and has built amusements along the seafront for families, such as the Ayr Seafront Playpark for children for fair weather and Pirate Pete’s adventure play area. Pirate Pete’s has indoor soft play, lazer tag and a restaurant so this can be an ideal place for families when the weather is foul. Ayr not only has a beach but a coastal path too which looks over across the sea towards the Isle of Arran. The coastal path is 100 miles long, passing through Troon and Largs. The town features The Wallace Tower, the tower where William Wallace was held prisoner by the English. Wallace escaped by burning the original tower down; the one seen today is a rebuild.

Between Ayr’s centre and its suburb called Alloway lies the Burns Monument and Gardens. Robert Burns is Scotland’s famous poet and there are more than a couple of attractions in Dumfries and Galloway dedicated to telling his history. There are gravestones here at the gardens, including those of Burn’s own parents, and the gardens are easily accessed around Burn’s Cottage. For fans of the poet’s work, further down the road and leading towards the River Doon is the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum.

Along the coast are more beaches for families to visit if they don’t want to travel into the town, from Craig Tara Beach further south to Barassie Beach to the North near Troon. Continuing North takes visitors to Irvine Beach, Ardrossan Beach and Saltcoats Beach. For those wanting a break from beaches, Irvine has a Scottish Maritime Museum for historical reading and Eglinton Country Park for a calm afternoon walk.

Just down south along the coastline and around Craig Tara is the Heads of Ayr Farm Park. This farm cares for the expected farm animals such as sheep and goats (for which feed can be purchased and visitors can handfeed this creatures), and then some such as leafcutter ants and lemurs. There are activities inside and outdoors so visitors can have a respite from any rain spells.

On the other side of the A77 that runs past Ayr is the Ayr Equestrian Centre. The centre not only runs experience rides for new riders to try out, there are classes going on through the year. If castles are more in the interest for the family there are plenty to be found in Ayrshire. Culzean Castle can be found in Maybole perched on the Ayrshire cliffs. The castle has its own grounds filled with conifers, glasshouses and gardens. Dean Castle Country Park in Kilmarnock also boasts beautiful gardens, and the addition of a play area. The museum collections can be found at the nearby Dick Institute a the castle itself has been under refurbishment since June 2018 at this time of writing. In Yett, there is Dundonald Castle, a tower house, overlooking the village of Dundonald upon a hilltop with a small café.

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