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Xero Advisor Certification

Xero Advisor Certification

Posted 23/09/2019

You may have seen the Xero Advisor certificate and Xero Payroll certificate icons on the front page of our website; these certificates are not just given to online accountants when they sign up to Xero. The software itself has video lessons that can be viewed and are followed by a series of questions to ensure the information has been understood. Once these lessons have been completed, an email with the certificate is sent to the accountant for public display. There is a separate set of videos and questions for payroll which earns another certificate.

Xero is one of the online software programs that work with Making Tax Digital (MTD), and so its usage around the UK is increasing to meet HMRC requirements. Xero is also in use around the world, from starting its life in New Zealand and Australia, and now has offices in England, Singapore and the United States. Xero does not have a support phone number to call for queries; instead it has a community forum where users of Xero can post their questions either publicly or just send a query along to the Xero team. The lack of a phone call can be a downside to using Xero, but the online support is available 24/7 in all areas.

The videos and questions are put into segments on using Xero, from using the invoice generator to reconciling the bank feed so that bookkeeping processes can be carried out efficiently. It also explains how to set up and monitor clients on Xero and how queries and documents can be shared across the portal. At the end of the session, the accountant should understand how to use Xero from following the videos, using the demo company for practise and completing the queries. The videos are still available after the learning session and the open community can refresh memories if a certain portion of Xero has been unused for some time.

For those accountants, Xero creates a profile for them that Xero users can view and this shows the certificates that the accountant has earned. This allows Xero users to search within a radius of an area for experienced Xero accountants to help them with their bookkeeping. Using Xero online to do all of this can save time looking through newsletter adverts or waiting for a leaflet to come in through the post.

The lessons can be undertaken by joining a webinar or by attending a classroom event, but the videos allow for self-paced learning to be carried out at the accountant’s choosing.

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