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Posted 21/01/2020
Why choose an accountant?

Choosing an accountant to prepare your company and self-assessment tax returns is beneficial as it reduces the risk of errors being made on the forms due to the wording used by HMRC being misunderstood by an individual or the lack of knowing what figures are required for disclosure on the forms. An accountant, having prepared tax returns in various situations, will know exactly what information they are looking for and where it should go to be presented to HMRC. If HMRC do come across an error, the correction of this could lead to an increased tax figure due and a penalty or fine, which can cost as much as hiring an accountant to have done the job initially.

The changing laws and rules around UK tax can be difficult to keep up with, particularly if you are unsure of the outlets that have such news readily available. Being up to date is a necessity of being an accountant and handling various tax affairs, so they know what they must look out for in order for information and figures to be within regulations. So how do you choose an accountant that’s right for you?

Why Cowper Accounting?

A big business takes on many employees and a client of such a firm may find themselves working with a different employee each year the accounts and tax returns are due. Cowper Accounting is a small business made up of one accountant working from Newton Stewart and travelling out to see clients. Being a small business, we have the time and desire to focus on each client as we carry out work for them and provide advice specific to their industry. You can be sure you will speak to the same person who is familiar with your account with each phone call or email so you will not need to repeat your story or wait to be passed around to another person.

Our overheads aren’t as expensive as a larger company, so we are able to offer you competitive pricing for your accountancy needs. If you’re looking to save on costs then this can be ideal for you. Being customer focused, we can advise you on the efficient ways to save money by advising on expenses that you can include with your business receipts and by comparing how self-employment or a limited company will benefit you financially.


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