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Using LinkedIn for online advertising

Posted 01/07/2019

A company leaves its mark on the internet somewhere in the form of a website, a Yell advertisement or a LinkedIn page. LinkedIn is portrayed as a professional platform for individuals to upload their skills and use the medium as an online CV.

LinkedIn utilizes keywords entered on a profile and allows other users to search for businesses using these keywords; the more keywords that are included the likelier chance a business has of being found by potential customers. It is important the business does not to use jargon that the potential customers are unlikely to know as the chances they will search these words is limited.LinkedIn will allow an individual to have your own personal page, where they should use their real name and list their qualifications and work experience. They will then be able to create a business page for their businesses. Each of the two pages should have both a profile picture and a cover picture; the individual page would be a face shot of the person and the business page to have the company logo.

While the business page shows what products and services it is that is offered, details the locations served and shares contact details, customers are more likely to message the personal profile because people like knowing that they’re speaking to an actual person though information posted on LinkedIn should be relevant to the business’ work. Articles can be posted or commented upon relating news that affects the company services or operations which customers will be able to see and follow the trail back to your company.

LinkedIn gives you the chance to view how well each of their posts and articles perform by a simple line graph. A spike upwards means that more people showed interest in those articles or page on that day. A business can use this to track popularity of headlines and tags to keep on top of trends, and to ensure that posts and comments relate to what people are interested in, and in turn keeps generating interest on their pages.

It’s not just customers who can use the search function. The business can search and view its competitors in an area and see what its competitors post and where they generate interest for ideas for their own page. LinkedIn will inform anyone if their profile has been viewed; the default settings are set to show the name and business of who viewed whose page, but this setting can be changed to private if this research is to be done incognito.For a monthly payment LinkedIn can offer additional features to aid a LinkedIn profile. There are various packages to fit businesses with different needs. For a small business who makes a post once a week and does not trade through LinkedIn, these packages will be an unnecessary expense. If a larger business uses LinkedIn as a large platform for selling or relies heavily upon it for advertising, then the LinkedIn payments may be worth doing.

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