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Limited Companies

Posted 06/06/2019

If you wish to set up a Limited Company, then you need to register the name with Companies House as well as HMRC. The registration to both services is one way we can help you make your limited company official. You will need to inform Companies House who are the directors and the shareholders.

Once you are registered Companies House will set your year end for the end of the month next year. For example, if you register in XX June 20X1, then Companies House will calculate your first year end as 30th June 20X2. Annual accounts to show the financial position of the business within this year will then be due 9 months after this date, and every year thereafter. Any Corporation Tax due on profits (currently 19%) is also payable by this date. It is possible to change the As a director, you will have to send a Self-Assessment Tax Return to HMRC by the 31st January for the Tax Year you set up your company. This Tax Return will include any salary and dividends taken from your limited company along with any other income you may have; pension income, rental income, sale of additional properties and any other taxable income.Please note that we will not send anything to HMRC without your permission.

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